Raffle Items

We are proud to announce our partnership with Gladiator Off Road Youtube Channel hosted by Dustin Chesser for his kind donation of this fantastic “2022 200cc OFF-ROAD BIKE”. This street legal bike is valued at $2800.00 along with other items is our TOP raffle prize for Eureka Springs Jeep Jam 2022!!! Each raffle ticket is $25 or 5 tickets for $100. ALL PROCEEDS go to PetersonOutdoors.org. Tickets are available for purchase thru the following link: https://buy.chip-in.us/?nonprofitId=146920 Thank you for your support. Best of luck on these AMAZING items. WINNER! WINNER!

***GRAND FIRST PRIZE: 2022 200cc OFF-ROAD BIKE, Eureka NAPA Package, and HOTBOX Certificate (value: $2800.00)***

***SECOND PRIZE: Glock 45, a year membership to H.I.S.S. Indoor Range, and a $500 Berryville Pawn Gift Certificate. (value: $1,300)***

***THIRD prize raffle: THE EUREKA SPRINGS EXPERIENCE (value $1300: Palace Hotel, 1/2 day fishing trip, Elizabeth’s Corner, Purple Chair, Metal Feathers, Lazy Ones, and HOTBOXX Pizza.)***

To purchase raffle tickets, click the link: https://buy.chip-in.us/?nonprofitId=146920